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I just took my car in for a regularly scheduled tune-up, complete with a tire rotation and change of the various motor fluids. As I drove away, I felt safer and more comfortable knowing I was behind the wheel of a well-oiled machine. Now, when I hit the accelerator, my car reacts with more “zip,” especially when maneuvering around a slow vehicle on the freeway.

In the same way that cars need special attention, I believe that people can benefit from a tune-up – we have the same capacity to accelerate when we push on the pedal. We often need to perform at a higher level than usual and, no matter what role we play in our organization, we had better respond like a freshly tuned automobile.

The truth of the matter is that we must think for ourselves, rely upon our own instincts, and invest in ourselves the way we do in our cars, our homes and our children. It’s time for each of us to look at ourselves as assets worthy of a tune-up investment.

I also think of it in terms of “return on investment”: any investment that we make in one of our own “assets” has the potential to yield a positive return. Just like my recent investment in the tune-up, I expect my car to perform better, and I expect a more pleasant and safer driving experience.

Consider these tune-up activities about every six months, if not more often.

  • — Pose questions to mentors about how you can improve.
  • — Read books that will allow you to be wiser and more relevant.
  • — Step outside the status quo and adopt a new perspective.
  • — Re-connect with professional contacts.

In other words, be proactive instead of reactive. Then, you can hit the accelerator to lead your team and you organization to heights unforeseen! When was the last time you invested in your own development? Have you had a tune-up recently?

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