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Have you ever wondered why some teams maintain high spirits and consistently outperform others? What is their secret? Allow me to share some tips from a team development handbook I am currently reading. This first list is from the perspective of a successful leader as he or she looks at a team. Then, the second list is from the perspective of a team as they look at their leader.

What a leader should expect from his or her team:

  1. Everyone is involved in planning, at least to some degree.
  2. People are doing the job they want to do (good placement decisions).
  3. In meetings, everyone is spontaneous and contributing new ideas.
  4. Members respect each other’s ideas. People do not grudgingly hang on to their own ideas.
  5. There is a good feeling among everyone with no hidden hostility or misperceptions.
  6. Goals are clearly stated and everyone is explicitly committed to making the team a winner.
  7. People are absorbed in the task and are not distracted.
  8. After a project, the outcome and team process are analyzed for improvements.
  9. There is little to no conflict because the team respects and accepts the leader.
  10. The leader spends almost all of his or her time in communication, not doing the team members’ work.

What team members should expect from their leader:

  1. Available whenever needed.
  2. Is open to suggestions – even solicits them.
  3. Is good at delegation.
  4. Does not control people, but has things under control, with communication and coordination.
  5. Gives a quick response – or, gets action quickly – on requests.
  6. Spends time asking people how he/she can help them – lets their employees help define the job.
  7. Keeps team on schedule.
  8. Keeps people completely informed and no information is withheld.
  9. Does not guess – asks the team to be sure.
  10. Does not “ramrod” things. Rather, patiently keeps people informed, points out goals, and asks to be helpful.

I like that these tips are based on mutual respect, hard work, and good communication – how can you go wrong with those priorities? They are also great to share with team members or other leaders!

Which of these tips was most helpful to you? How do you work best – on your own or with a team?

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