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It is a natural part of our professional lives to encounter failed projects, initiatives or efforts. However, the cause of a failure tells us plenty about what we can learn from it. I recently received a note and slide presentation from a friend that lists several points on failure and success, listed below.

Causes of Failure

  1. Every single cause of failure is due to a lack of something, whether it is a lack of a will to win, desire for success, foresight, communication, or proper attention. We can use “LACK” as an acronym for “Losing Attitudes Continuously Kill.”
  2. Unlike failure that results from your best efforts, a failure as a result of LACK is unacceptable.
  3. LACK is contagious and can hurt your team.

As I look these over, I am reflecting upon my own past failures. In many instances, I can look back fondly and say I honestly gave it my best effort. Those losses helped to reinforce many of the lessons I share with my children and coworkers today.

That being said, though, I can remember a couple of vivid failures that came as a result of my own LACK. Whether it was a poor grade in a class or a lost career opportunity, the common denominator was a lack of purpose on my part around the goal I wanted to achieve. I was lacking a desire for success.

How to Turn Failure into Success

If you look at the people who you deem to be successful, I venture to guess they each demonstrate a strong commitment to their “purpose.” Without purpose, it is much easier to walk away or quit. Purpose injects commitment and substantive meaning in every action. I might further speculate that, in most instances, the purpose is the impetus behind their ambition to succeed.

If we participate in something that doesn’t inspire passion in us, it will be very hard to develop a sense of ambition for it. As leaders, it is important to identify those members of your team who possess an inherent passion. These individuals understand the purpose behind your organizational mission, and are most willing to do every little thing necessary to maximize success.

Most of the time, failure is not really an option; yet, it is frequently the outcome. What steps are you going to take to improve your prospects for success?

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