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In case you haven’t noticed lately, the business of sports has taken on epic proportions in our country. To some people, their favorite sports team is what they live for, not their work or even their families. As the owner of several fantasy football teams, I too get lost in the excitement of the professional football season. Fortunately, my wife indulges my competitive outlet and lately seems to find her own enjoyment watching me strut around the family room when I see one of “my players” score a long touchdown on TV.

Regarding the National Football League (NFL), they continue to evolve, especially under the leadership of the relatively new Commissioner of the National Football League, Roger Goodell. A much higher personal and professional standard has been imposed and where good citizenship is promoted team-wide, players tend to become more involved in their respective communities.

Like other businesses, however, there are unresolved issues that must be dealt with. One such issue is that of rookie compensation, especially for players selected at the top of the draft each year. I can’t think of any successful business that pays the kind of relative salary to unproven talent as what the NFL currently does; however, the outcome of the product they create (entertainment) may be at an all-time high in terms of popularity. I’m left to wonder if there is anything positive to learn from this unorthodox human resource phenomenon, and I think there might be.

As I’ve pondered the significant compensation provided to undeveloped and unproven talent, I’ve come to realize the NFL places a premium on the human potential to be significant and not solely on demonstrated proficiency on the job. Consider for a moment what your company or organization would be like if you compensated employees as much for their “potential” as for the tasks they were actually performing or the results that they recently achieved. Hmmm, something tells me that we as business leaders would be spending a significantly greater amount of time cultivating this talent in order to get a reasonable, if not significant, return on our investment. Consider the scenarios created when giving a young football player, at the beginning of his career, more money than he can spend in a lifetime. There is an intense amount of pressure placed on management to make sure that the young man is not just successful but that he becomes significant, and fast!  That’s the dilemma currently being faced by the NFL, and something that we in mainstream business need to watch and possibly learn from.

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