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I recently held a team leader meeting that included all of my supervisors. As we were discussing our year-to-date results and fine-tuning our daily processes, I took a little detour and asked them to focus on the talent of their team members. I reminded them that in every employee there exists the possibility of greater individual significance. I then asked each person to reflect back on their own careers and to identify a time when they knew they were more significant than their peers. To think of the time when they separated from the pack and were promoted over someone else, possibly someone with more seniority, more knowledge or more experience. I then asked them to share that moment and how impactful it was to them. I wanted my team leaders to openly learn from each other, so that they could go back and share what is possible to their own team members. I have to tell you that tears were shed as people related their stories. My team of leaders had a unique opportunity to FEEL what each of the other was saying; one team leader took a little different approach and shared a personal story of a lesson shared with him by his father. To him, this moment was the most significant lesson he has learned in life. What he shared was that as an 18 year-old soon-to-be high school graduate, his father and he were in the bathroom shaving together. His father said something along the line of, “Son, whatever you do in life, make darn sure that the man you see in the mirror right now is one that you can admire and respect forever.” This team leader then went on to speak about the relationship he had with his father, who has been deceased for a couple of years. After he spoke, you could have heard a pin drop if not for the quiet consoling sobs of several of his peers. This, my friends, is an example of the power of sharing! If done from the heart, sharing can stir up emotions, change perspectives, and create new opportunities for significance. After assessing the group following his comments, I took the opportunity to make a significant point, and I hit it home hard. I said “This is what it means to be significant, when you share from your heart that which motivates you to excellence! I want you to feel it! I need you to own it! Most importantly, I want every employee in our market to benefit from it!” This is just one example from that day serves as a guide as to the benefit of sharing wisdom. After the last supervisor spoke, I suggested that this type of sharing needs to be formalized. We have subsequently created mentoring panels of these same team leaders and supervisors so that they are able to share their personal success stories for the benefit of all team members. Since this is a new initiative for us, I can’t yet relate any notable outcome; however, I am supremely confident that our talent will be motivated in such a way that our clients and our company will see tangible results, both in the short and long run.

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  1. Dana says:

    Hi Mitch. Thank you for the opportunity to read your blog posts. This one was particularly moving. Way to go in starting to blog regularly. You will be great at it – already are! And so many more people will be able to learn from your leadership. I applaud your efforts. – Dana

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