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I have to admit I feel especially honored when a coworker tells me that one of my blog posts inspired him or her in some way – that it provided a perspective they hadn’t considered previously. For me to know that a particular post helped create a more positive outcome for someone else may be the ultimate compliment.

Recently, one of my coworkers shared a poem with me. He had written it as a way to think about balancing his desire for achievement with the ability of our organization to deliver on his expectations. I was so inspired by the poem, and his creativity, that I wanted to share it with all of you!

The Waiting Game
By Corin Thompson

What to do with tomorrow when today seems so long
Before we know it, a year has gone
What we wanted for ourselves never came
Because we played the waiting game

Wait for tomorrow and it surely will bring
All of the things that our hearts can sing
But some of those who have played the game learned
That nothing in life comes unless it is earned

Set your sights on what you desire
And let that fuel your soul with fire
Burning so brightly others will certainly see
The kind of person they are waiting to be

What I hope we all take away from Corin’s poem is this: one’s individual goals and expectations cannot – and should not – come ahead of the whole team or organization. It is clear that for organizations and teams to be successful, every individual should be making the best use of his or her skill set. We can also conclude that the best leaders and the best organizations are doing their best to manage employee expectations.

For upwardly mobile employees who value the culture and mission of their organization, this poem reminds us that waiting will eventually deliver the desired outcomes. Opportunities do come to those who wait, but – more importantly – they come to those who make good use of the “waiting time,” by honing their skills, for example, to be more relevant in the organization.

A personal note to Corin: Your poem has inspired me and, no doubt, will inspire other teammates and blog readers. I truly appreciate your creativity and initiative. Most importantly, thank you for continuing to share your talents and passion with our organization. You make me, and our entire organization, better!

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