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We leaders are tussling with a tough economy – trying to make the right decisions and use our scarce resources to their greatest benefit. Additionally, we are spending a lot of time evaluating whether we have our talent in the right positions; not just for today, but for the long term, as well.

I was recently re-introduced to this blog entry (excerpt below) from “Business Management Daily” about John Maxwell’s guiding principles. Maxwell is a leading authority on executive leadership, and I thought it was worth sharing. I hope you find these helpful as you ponder the importance of your own leadership role. Remember that everything you do matters!

  1. Say something encouraging within the first 30 seconds of any conversation.
  2. Let people know that you need them, whether you’re disciplining an employee or surveying customers.
  3. Compliment people in front of others. Maxwell cites Mary Kay Cosmetics founder Mary Kay Ash, who said everyone has an invisible sign hanging from his neck that says “Make me feel important.”
  4. Forget about people’s failures and inspire them to do what they’re capable of.
  5. Encourage people’s dreams. Assume that they’ve heard enough criticism and instead, offer help in bringing them closer to their goals.
  6. Pass on credit. Former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden taught his players who scored to give a smile, wink or nod to the player who passed the ball. “What if he’s not looking?” asked a team member, to which Wooden replied: “I guarantee he’ll look.”
  7. Offer your very best. Consider those who do the minimum to get by. Not leaders, are they?
  8. Mine the gold of good intentions. Even when people mess up, give them the benefit of the doubt. If you assume the best about people, they tend to rise to the occasion.
  9. Keep your eyes off the mirror. Focusing on others gives you a sense of purpose, energy and contentment.
    — Adapted from 25 Ways to Win With People, John C. Maxwell

I welcome your thoughts on Maxwell’s leadership advice. What is your favorite principle and why? Are you already implementing one of them?

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