RSS Character Matters: 14 Traits Every Leader Should Possess

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to teammates about the importance of character in the workplace. There are many personal traits used to define a strong professional “character,” and I have listed those that I feel are the most important.

These 14 traits can set apart an exceptional leader from the pack; therefore, it’s important to own and demonstrate these on a daily basis. Individuals who demonstrate passion around these characteristics are able to form stronger professional bonds and achieve extraordinary results. While each of these are important on their own, they make a person profoundly relevant when mastered as a group.

  1. Affirmation: to speak and lead in a positive manner.
  2. Dependability: to be consistently relied upon.
  3. Empathy: to recognize the feelings and thoughts of others.
  4. Encouragement: to inspire others with confidence.
  5. Forgiveness: to grant pardon for a particular deed.
  6. Gentleness: to display of respectful kindness.
  7. Honesty: to be upright and fair.
  8. Humility: to maintain a modest opinion of one’s own importance.
  9. Patience: to suppress restlessness when confronted with provocation or annoyance.
  10. Tactfulness: to know what to say or do without giving offense.
  11. Thankfulness: to feel and express your appreciation and gratitude.
  12. Transparency: to be easily perceived and recognized as authentic.
  13. Trust: to rely on the integrity, strength and ability of another.
  14. Vulnerability: to be emotionally susceptible to hurt.

I invite you to review this list and comment with an example of when you've seen a leader exhibit one of these traits. Are there any traits missing? Tell us about it!

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