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I would like to pay tribute to Pacific Continental Bank, the organization where I’ve had the privilege of working for almost 25 years. Today, rather than muse about lessons learned or thoughts on leadership, I’m going to reflect upon what I believe makes Pacific Continental unique: its commitment to the community and its desire to share entrepreneurial value with clients. Combined, these have helped us become the organization we are today.

Founded on August 15, 1972, Pacific Continental started in a single-wide trailer here in Eugene, Oregon. The bank was born out of a desire to make significant contributions to our local business community. Let me elaborate on why I believe we’ll remain relevant not only in today’s turbulent financial times, but well into the future.

  • — First, my organization maintains a steadfast commitment the communities we serve. In 2011, for example, my colleagues volunteered hundreds of hours of work and personal time to make their community a better place.
  • — Second, in our eagerness to share our collective entrepreneurial expertise, we help business owners remain viable themselves. We frequently initiate educational offerings and provide one-on-one coaching so that clients and non-clients alike become more knowledgeable.

We recognize that prosperous communities are created only through robust commerce. And since the primary purpose of a financial institution is to support the economic vibrancy of their communities, what better way to do that than to roll up our sleeves and lead the way?

To understand the uniqueness of Pacific Continental, one can look at the fact that we have been recognized as a top company in each of the markets where we operate. It is no coincidence that our corporate culture inspires each team member to go above and beyond for our clientele of community-based businesses, professional service providers and nonprofit organizations. In fact, this culture is founded upon the acronym “HEART,” which stands for High Standards, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Appreciation, Relationships, and Teamwork.

We also cannot ignore the importance of passion at Pacific Continental. Our employees come to work with a positive attitude, an expectation that they will make a difference, and a shared willingness to learn new things. The best entrepreneurs are passionate about performance and about making a difference. They are not deterred by failures and are always striving to be better.

This is the legacy for which Pacific Continental will be forever known. It is the reason that I have personally invested my prime working years at this company. It is also the reason why I choose to write this blog, so that I may share my unique perspective and inspire entrepreneurial excellence in others.

Happy 40th Anniversary, Pacific Continental Bank — to the past and current employees, directors and stakeholders of this company, I hope you take a moment to appreciate the legacy you have created! If you’re interested in learning more about Pacific Continental’s history, visit our Facebook page for a look back at photos and other mementos from the early days of the bank.

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