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In my last posting, I suggested that motivation can be created by inspired leadership. I would like to continue this line of thought by further defining the leadership role in motivation by inspiration.

Creative thinking, problem solving, personal initiative and entrepreneurial instincts are not characteristics that are easily taught; however, they most definitely are personal intangibles that differentiate strong performers from weaker ones.

All too often I hear stories of leaders who struggle with individual team members who fail to demonstrate the passion or work ethic they would like them to demonstrate. These are not easy issues to deal with and they certainly should be addressed. A leader must find a way to inspire extraordinary performance, not just expect the ordinary. Alternatively, a team member who expects to achieve strong recognition and significant rewards must demonstrate the intangibles described above as well as the results worthy of such. Failures of either the leader or the team member must be addressed or an organization will suffer negative consequences.

In my mind, positive organizational results happen because a team of talented and motivated individuals agree on a shared mission, implement a coordinated strategic plan, and voluntarily share their individual talents. It is the “voluntary” concept that many leaders don’t understand or simply underestimate. Even though employees are compensated for the work they do in the form of wages and benefits, some employees freely give extra effort, create differentiated value, and are simply more motivated.

Why is that? I submit it’s because they have been exposed at some point in their personal or professional life to inspired leadership. They realize what they are capable of, and they have been encouraged to aim high.

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