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It’s interesting how technology is testing our ability to deal with change. There are times when I feel things are happening so quickly that I can’t possibly know about every upgrade or new product, let alone determine how I might use them to my benefit.

Take for instance the significant improvements made to cell phones the last few years:

  • — Ten years ago, I had a phone that was big and clunky and stayed in my car. It provided some measure of convenience to me since I could call someone if I had an emergency while traveling.
  • Five years ago, I was in possession of a Blackberry that I could sync as a speakerphone with my car and actually get business done while traveling, without having to hold the phone in my hands. (Thank you, Bluetooth technology!)
  • Now, it seems that iPhones and Androids are all the rage, but I have yet to purchase one. My daughters were early adopters of this technology, and just this past year, my wife became the proud owner of an iPhone, along with an iPad.

My point is that change isn’t always something we push for within ourselves. In fact, change is more often provoked by external forces. Since it is outside our control, it is best to take a proactive approach.

If you think about change as it relates to your organization, you can consider the technology example above, but I would also recommend thinking of real-life issues you’re tackling.

A great example might be the new employee demographic we have today. Younger employees are seeking a better work-life balance, more career mobility and access to the latest technology. If you are not open-minded in changing your human resource management practices, then you are at risk to competitors who are.

Also consider the ever-changing demands of compliance. New regulations can cause whole processes to be turned upside down. This could include hiring new talent, establishing new products to ensure customer satisfaction, or mitigating risk by adding new security safeguards.

Take it from someone who knows. Whatever change you or your organization are presented with, it isn’t going to go away if you simply ignore it. I say embrace it (I’m still learning to do this myself) so you can engage the world that is coming at us, not the one we see in our rearview mirror.

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