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It’s easy to become complacent when our personal or work environments lack stimulus or when change doesn’t seem to come quite fast enough; however, now that signs of an improving economy are beginning to show, we need to shift into the right mindset and begin to make the most of the upturn.

For individuals who have invested in and expanded upon their skill sets, an improving economy means greater opportunities, new professional challenges, and a heightened sense of expectation. The same holds true for businesses and organizations—those that have kept pace with investment in new skills and new technology will find enhanced opportunities for growth and profitability in an expanded economy.

For those individuals who have yet to improve or enhance skill sets, please hear me clearly: it’s not too late to start! In fact, I’m specifically writing today’s post with the goal of inspiring you to grasp a new way of thinking about the future.

To help guide you towards success going forward, I’d like to share the following three questions, and recommend reflecting on each.

  1. What new skills have I attained, but not yet taken advantage of? Think specifically about how you can create value for your organization by making better use of the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired over the past several years. Now is a great time to take inventory of your skills. Then, talk with a mentor or supervisor about putting them to use.
  2. How has my organization changed as a result of the recession? What new expectations might it have of me going forward? Whether or not your organization is perceived as an industry leader, now is the time to look around and take note of industry trends, technological advancements, and regulatory changes that could impact your job in the future.
  3. Where is my current career path taking me? The past several years have taken a toll: while some have lost jobs, others have sought “under employment” just to make ends meet. Still others have felt like they are languishing in positions they no longer find challenging. Now is the time to take control of your destiny, and refreshing your career path is a perfect place to begin.

The best advice I can give is to not be deterred by the realities of your most recent experiences, and instead create and execute a strategic plan that fulfills your personal aspirations.


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