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I recently participated in a leadership workshop with individuals from many different companies. In the workshop, we practiced how to give and receive feedback, how to effectively work in teams, and how to approach our roles as leaders. A major takeaway from the workshop—something it reinforced for me—is that strong leadership does not simply come from those who happen to be in positions of power. In fact, I've never been more certain that success comes from everyone being actively and equally engaged. Of course, “positional leadership” has its role, but even a mediocre positional leader will find success by stressing the importance of everyone’s role to the group and encouraging collaboration.

On any given project, each team member must first have a clear picture of the desired outcome and the steps needed to achieve the outcome. They must know exactly what resources are required to do the job, but most importantly, they must share responsibility for communicating progress or barriers to progress. Ultimately, each team member must have a sense of majority ownership.

You see, it isn't enough for team members to do the tasks assigned to them and expect the organization to achieve optimal results. The combined effect of each team member taking 51% ownership of organizational results is results in enhanced inter-departmental communication, improved efficiencies and higher team morale. The best leaders inspire their team members to engage in such a way that everyone owns the results and everyone has a vested interest. In this way, organizations can be supremely successful, even if their positional leader isn't at his or her strongest yet in terms of leadership skills.

There is no limit to what can be accomplished if we all learn to collaborate better, teach each other, communicate with positive intent and work toward a shared result!

Do you have a sense of ownership in your organization? If so, I’d like to hear about it–feel free to share in a comment below.

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