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Over the past few years of writing this blog, much has changed in my role as a community leader. I love writing posts for Musings with Mitch and feel the blog has in many ways become an extension of me. Your attention to, and interest in, this publication have made my “musings” worthwhile, and I so appreciate your readership.

But, as we start a new year, we will be saying goodbye to this valuable publication – which is why it is with bittersweet sentiment I am writing this final blog post for Musings with Mitch.

As the saying goes, “the only thing constant in life is change,” and transitioning into a new phase of my professional life is exciting, but also a little scary. Fortunately, I have navigated these types of transitions many times before and have a strong tool belt of skills from which to operate.

With the concept of navigating transitions in mind, I will focus on this topic for my final blog post.

Whether you are moving from one position to another within your organization, moving into a new career, or taking on additional responsibilities in your current role, knowing how to gracefully navigate these changes can be crucial to your long-term professional success.

  • — Anticipate the unexpected: As I mentioned earlier, the one constant in life is change; therefore, be ready for it at all times.

  • Be proactive: Change can scare your colleagues and teammates. Staying on task and on target ensures that the goal of any transition is not lost in translation.
  • Accept assistance when needed: Moving through a transition can be daunting in many ways. Knowing when you need to ask for help, either with your training or workload, is essential.
  • Put yourself on a training schedule: A successful transition is impossible without learning new skill sets. Research what skills you will need to be effective in your new role and set up a schedule to learn them.
  • Honor institutional history: Be sure to thank those who have laid the groundwork. In all transitions there is a natural purging of the old and adopting of the new. In implementing change, ensure the past is still respected.
  • Be kind and carry on: Encourage yourself as well as others who may be transitioning with you. With all change come hiccups and learning opportunities. Allow yourself and others the leeway to make mistakes along the path to success.

It has been an honor sharing my professional experience and expertise with you. I hope you have gained as much value and enjoyment from reading my posts as I have in writing them. While Musings with Mitch is retiring, keep an eye out for a new Pacific Continental Bank corporate blog sometime in 2014.




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