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Have you ever wondered where leaders go mentally when they need to gain a fresh perspective on their job? Perhaps he or she is looking for new and different methods of leadership inspiration; or, perhaps, simply searching for inspiration to improve leadership skills.

One of the greatest characteristics of a good employee and a strong leader is the insatiable desire to become better, more effective and more relevant. Whether you’re currently in a formal leadership position or not, I believe that those who embrace change, especially in themselves, are in the best position to lead change going forward.

I frequently interact with business leaders who enjoy discussing their businesses and their individual agendas, whereby the outcome of the discussion is of mutual benefit. These informal and unplanned collaborations often times provide me with the type of fresh perspective that I get when I read a really good book on management or leadership.

Alternatively, some business leaders shy away from discussing their worlds and create the perception that their burdens are theirs and theirs alone. He or she is concerned about appearing discouraged or debilitated. Believing that no one understands the problems faced, leaders become isolated. Indeed, leadership at these times feels like a very lonely place.

I too from time to time find myself in this rather unappealing mindset; however, it is precisely at these most trying of times that we as leaders need to recognize the importance of a fresh perspective. There are many excellent resources available for changing one’s point of view.

I have uncovered a few personal remedies that other leaders may find helpful:

1. Change your surroundings - establish new (or revised) professional goals or generate new professional connections.
2. Renew your passion – make work fun again. It’s all about aligning your individual strengths with the goals of your organization, and working collaboratively, not living in a leadership vacuum.
3. Get out of your routine - become a regular member of your team. Nothing can be more motivating than to find better ways to create new value for your staff and customers.

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2 Responses to “Leaving the Leadership Vacuum”

  1. Lenna Schaff says:

    Hi, I do not normally post feedback on websites, as I prefer to read only. However I find the article that you have created earlier has very insightful information, and I discover it very informational. I was searching on Bing for how to set goals findings and discovered your unique web site. Could you write something the same special on how to set goals? Cheers. ~ Lenna Schaff

  2. Mitch says:

    Thank you very much for your comment Lenna. Goal setting is a very important skill, and one that can be a true differentiator between those who attain a certain level of success, and those that create significance. I look forward to writing a future article on this topic, and sincerely appreciate your suggestion.

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