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How frustrating is it when you have been disappointed by someone at work? Or simply become dispassionate about your role because of the daily “grind"?  I guess it depends on the particular issue and how “invested” you are in a particular outcome.  For leaders, every issue and related contingency must be evaluated in order to sustain a plausible roadmap for success. Long-term success is not simply the byproduct of a good business plan, it also requires effective and efficient execution of corresponding strategies.

Rather than offer my own perspective in this regard, I thought I’d take a different approach in this article by encouraging more comments from readers. Instead of my personal “musings,” I’m simply going to share what might be a fairly common business dilemma today, for you to comment on. The scenario is one that many businesses are dealing with, and one that you may have experienced and already addressed. After several weeks of comments, I will devote a follow-up article with my own perspective. I hope you have some fun with this!!

Here’s the dilemma:  

You are the leader of an organization that has been running “lean” for a number of years and for the foreseeable future appears to be on track for the same fate. Benefits, including salary increases, have had to be curtailed in order to remain viable and competitive. Long-term prospects for the company are satisfactory; however, at what shorter term costs to employee morale, company reputation, and growing customer economic unrest? You have been very transparent with your talent about the current and future prospects for the company. But, doubts about your own personal and professional fortitude to withstand the continued stress have become more top-of-mind. 

Here’s your question:

What do you think are the three most important considerations that must be addressed to maximize your organization's long-term prospects, and why? 

Good luck and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and the other readers!

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2 Responses to “What Would You Do?”

  1. Majeska Seese-Green says:

    Hello Mitch.

    Are there any comments yet? If so, I don’t see how to see them.

    What do you mean by “considerations”? I’m not used to this language. The dilemma and question have me thinking. Looking forward to your follow-up article. Will try to answer the question for myself before then (and *maybe* I’ll post it). (-:

  2. Mitch says:

    Thank you for your question Majeska! Unfortunately no one has been brave enough to post a response….yet. I am looking forward to getting some feedback before I actually post my own response.

    To answer your question about the meaning behind “considerations,” I simply am referring to the various issues that may be at the root of the problem I have outlined. I’m hoping that my readers might touch on a few things they think are important to address so that the business might thrive and prosper for the long run.

    I sincerely appreciate you reading my blog and look forward to any input you might have on this, and any other articles I might post!


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