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Every day, I get the opportunity to work with a large group of talented individuals, many of whom wonder what they need to do to enhance their career, earn more money or simply create more value for the company.  They dream of “bigger and better” but struggle with the steps required to turn their dream into a reality.

One of the best parts of my job is to mentor team members and encourage them to dream of what’s possible in terms of their professional development.   As with any successful endeavor, it’s important to visualize what you want to accomplish and then formalize a strategy designed to accomplish the vision.  Over the years, I’ve noticed one defining characteristic of the most successful “dreamers”:  the ability to turn a vision into a reality.

There is a big difference between dreaming and believing, although both are hugely important in order for an individual to maximize his or her success. As I think about my own career and the various “dreams” I’ve had along the way, I reflect upon the times when co-workers were promoted or afforded opportunities ahead of me.  I remember feeling particularly frustrated if my efforts weren’t recognized or rewarded in what I considered to be a timely or appropriate manner. 

After many years of personal and professional growth, I have learned not to dwell upon decisions that are outside my control; instead, I prefer to focus on activities and efforts that are within my control.  For instance, I can’t make a supervisor recognize or reward me differently, but I can take on additional responsibilities or learn new skills that will create more value for my organization.  I can’t expect to receive additional compensation unless I find ways to generate more revenue or lower existing costs.  I can’t  keep doing the same things over and over again only to become frustrated with my career prospects.  What I can do is work to create best practices in an effort to help my company become more efficient.

Ultimately one has to dream about the possibilities in order to create a strategy to fulfill them.  It is through this process that dreaming becomes believing.  I think that one without the other creates a lack of personal fulfillment. The potential is in all of us, and the best leaders support their team members’ journey toward fulfillment of that potential.

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  1. Nik Stice, Employee of Pacific Continental Bank says:


    I sincerely appreciate your efforts to extend your vision of excellence to your employees. I feel like what makes a good leader is their ability to be visionary but what makes a great leader is their ability to articulate that vision to those who follow. The following are some of my favorite sayings from visionary leaders:

    Eyes that look are common
    Eyes that see are rare

    Vision includes optimism and hope
    The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity
    The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty

    One thing I treasure about working for Pacific Continental Bank is the affirmation you receive when you see a way to be more efficient or excel. Even if your concept is not utilized you never receive a deflating response from management.

    Thank you being visionary,

    Nik Stice

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