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It’s interesting to me to observe our younger team members participating in various after work social opportunities, such as business networking events or community volunteer activities. It makes me wonder how often professionals take the time to consider the perceptions they are creating for themselves, and their organization and whether they are positive or negative.

Let me begin by addressing the idea of mixing business with pleasure, which in itself is tricky business. It is not easy to create a different persona in a social setting and unfortunately, often the professional lines in these settings are blurred.

If you are in a leadership position and host or attend a social function that includes team members, it is imperative to recognize your colleagues and professional acquaintances are paying attention. These settings create an opportunity for them to confirm existing perceptions or formulate new ones based upon how you conduct yourself. In these types of gatherings, separating yourself as an individual from the organization you represent is nearly impossible.

Consider being someone who regularly attends this type of function, and works hard to make lots of connections only to realize you haven’t developed a single good one. They might wonder why. Now consider company sponsored events you might participate in, such as volunteering. How would you like you and your organization to be perceived?

You create a perception for yourself and your company any time you take part in an after-hours, business networking or community based event that can have a lasting impact.

If there is one thing you take away from this article it is the knowledge that there is a professional protocol, etiquette if you will, required anytime you represent your organization in the community.

If you are a leader in your organization, are you doing everything you can to educate and mentor your talent so that they maximize their personal-effectiveness in a way that complements the positive image you hope to create in the community?

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