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The title of this post highlights a question that I have been asked many times by professionals. Attached is a link to a terrific article titled From Drift to Clarity that I think will be of benefit to all leaders, especially those whose careers may be adrift. I invite you to read the article and then ponder a couple of comments that I have listed below, which relate. Please feel free to post your own comments on the message board if you feel so obliged!

There are a couple of very compelling points made in the article. First is a list of five issues that every leader needs to understand. Of the five, the two that I feel are most relevant include the “leadership vision” and the “leadership profile” issues. The truth is, not everyone has what it takes to become a leader – the commitment, the passion, the constant desire to seek improvement. 

A quote from the article states, "The most effective leaders are those who commit themselves to getting better day-by-day and week-by-week and then apply their skills to improving the lives of other people in the organizations in which they work or their communities."

I couldn’t agree more. Leaders are rarely, if ever, satisfied with the status quo. Either their personal or their organizational status quo, change is a constant for every leader. The most effective leaders not only manage change effectively but find ways to leverage these opportunities for the benefit of their entire organization. 

For those of you who may be interested in pursuing a position of leadership, I recommend you evaluate the five issues noted in the attached article and decide for yourself whether the leadership journey is worth the effort!

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