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This week I’m featuring a terrific article by Peter Buffet that was forwarded to me by a coworker. In his article, Buffett discusses the unique economic environment facing this year’s “millennial” college graduates, and he seeks to recalibrate the definition they may have of success. His article poses the questions:

  • - How do we define success?
  • - How do we measure success?
  • - Can a person go to bed a “success” and wake up a “failure”?

Many individuals have grown up thinking success is measured by what they have accumulated (wealth, power or status) as opposed to who they are (smart, hard-working, ethical  or self-motivated)

If we see success as a reflection of what we have accumulated, then it is entirely possible to go to sleep a “success” and wake up a “failure.” The monetary value of what we have accumulated could very well disappear overnight; however, if we live our lives with a definition of success that is based upon who we are and how we grow as individuals and organizations, then success should be within everyone’s grasp.

I recently read that many Americans view the cost of higher education as outweighing its long-term potential value. This is a sad commentary about society’s declining respect for education and a plausible cause for our false definition of what it means to be successful. As leaders and active members of society, I feel we must do all we can to inspire educational opportunities by investing our time as well as our corporate and personal resources in support of lifelong learning.

As Buffett so eloquently summarized, “At the end of the day, it's our choices, and the energy and passion with which we follow up on them that make our lives successful.”

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