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This post is intended to provide young, emerging leaders and those who have recently ascended to a position of leadership with wisdom. As part of this post, I wholeheartedly endorse an article from the Center for Creative Leadership that also addresses new leaders as its audience.

What I would like to say to new or emerging leaders is this: Remember where you came from and be humbled by the fact that your new role is nothing like your previous one. I have known many smart and skilled individuals who, when moving to a new level of leadership in their organization, start acting differently, as if to take on a new persona. While there may be pressure to do this at some organizations, it could alienate the very individuals who helped you achieve your new found success! Make every effort you can to treat your peers and staff with respect, just as you would before your promotion. A key to this humility is to have a true appreciation for what you don’t know and have yet to learn. Just because you excel in one particular role doesn’t mean anything when taking on a new one. A new role is just that; it requires new knowledge and new skills. If you were a high achiever as an analyst, but are now responsible instead for team production, then - wow - will the dynamics change! Knowing what resources will help you gain the needed knowledge or build the required skill sets is critically important – it might just be that those resources are now working for you!

The other characteristic that a new or emerging leader must have is patience. Don’t move into your new position like a bull in a china shop. The team you have just inherited does not necessarily need to be “fixed.”  It is critically important to take your time to assess the various skills and talent of each team member. You may need to make changes to better align your existing talent with jobs better suited to them, or to recruit more skilled talent. Just remember it takes time to achieve the well-oiled and efficient team. You can’t create that vision until you know who they are and what they are capable of!

I look forward to your comments and would be pleased to personally follow-up on any questions you have if you are a new leader.

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