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I recently participated in a leadership workshop with individuals from many different companies. In the workshop, we practiced how to give and receive feedback, how to effectively work in teams, and how to approach our roles as leaders. A major takeaway from the workshop—something it reinforced for me—is that strong leadership does not simply come from those who happen to be in positions of power. In fact, I’ve never been more certain that success comes from everyone being actively and equally engaged. Of course, “positional leadership” has its role, but even a mediocre positional leader will find success by stressing the importance of everyone’s role to the group and encouraging collaboration.

On any given project, each team member must first have a clear picture of the desired outcome and the steps needed to achieve the outcome. They must know exactly what resources are required to do the job, but most importantly, they must share responsibility for communicating progress or barriers to progress. Ultimately, each team member must have a sense of majority ownership.

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Evaluating New (or Needed) Skill Sets

It’s easy to become complacent when our personal or work environments lack stimulus or when change doesn’t seem to come quite fast enough; however, now that signs of an improving economy are beginning to show, we need to shift into the right mindset and begin to make the most of the upturn.

For individuals who have invested in and expanded upon their skill sets, an improving economy means greater opportunities, new professional challenges, and a heightened sense of expectation. The same holds true for businesses and organizations—those that have kept pace with investment in new skills and new technology will find enhanced opportunities for growth and profitability in an expanded economy.

For those individuals who have yet to improve or enhance skill sets, please hear me clearly: it’s not too late to start! In fact, I’m specifically writing today’s post with the goal of inspiring you to grasp a new way of thinking about the future.

To help guide you towards success going forward, I’d like to share the following three questions, and recommend reflecting on each.

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