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Okay, leaders – listen up! Do you like where you are today? Are you satisfied with your leadership skills? Are you confident in your vision for the future? Regardless of whether you answered “yes” or “no” to these questions, I believe it is important to have a strong second-in-command to bridge any of these professional gaps.

It’s hard to admit, but every single one of us has gaps in our personal and professional skill sets. Sometimes our confidence might be lacking, we might lose focus, or we might not be able to perform at the level demanded by our position. And, sometimes, things are just outside our control.

Whatever the reason, I have come to realize that having the right people around you can help to bridge these gaps. More specifically, choosing the right “second-in-command” is critical to your success.

Ideal Characteristics

— The right individual will help you see things as they really are, not necessarily just how you want them to be.
— The right individual is both a trusted confidante and has complementary skill sets.
— Most importantly, the … Read More »

4 Leadership Lessons for Politicians

You might say I have an obsession with presidential politics. I enjoy listening to the rhetoric of all political parties – not just the two major ones. I watch the conventions and ensuing debates with the same passion and fervor I reserve for fantasy football. I even listen to the talking heads on FOX and MSNBC who are anything but unbiased. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in both political science and economics, this season of presidential politics fascinates me!

Sadly, I think both major political parties in the United States are devoid of leadership. That’s not to say that the men who are running for President are lacking – I can’t judge them on that. But, I am calling into question the leadership skills of both parties because it is failing their respective candidates. The following are four prime examples of this failure of leadership, and how I believe a great leader would behave differently.

1. Candidates appear to either not know the truth or refuse to tell the truth. How many times … Read More »

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